LGM…and I can’t wait.

It’s been too hot, PLUS, I need to know if Jon Snow (I just typed Jon Snot and I think I’ve got a new character for a Chandler-esque parody book) is really dead.

So I’m sitting here wondering why I’m watching a show called “Secret History of UFOs” when Season 2 of Daredevil has just dropped (no sleep for the next 18 hours, right?)

And I have no answer that makes any sense to me.

I don’t doubt that somewhere in the enormous expanse of the universe(s) there are other life-forms. Probably not carbon-based, and probably not bi-pedal, but life-forms, none-the-less.

But I doubt they’re travelling hundreds or thousands of light years to Earth, to buzz the planet.

Yet I’m still watching. There are people on this show that are either seriously taking the piss or are in desperate need of support of the mental health variety. I think I have a pathological obsession with conspiracies. Not that I think a conspiracy of any size involving the government is possible. But the fact that there are people who this it is possible to pull the wool over the collective consciousness, for extended periods of time, fascinates me.

The tortured logic required to neatly slot disparate facts into a pre-determined structure fascinates me. The willingness to discount any reasonable explanation in favour of bug-eyed green men in ships made of liquid metal. Covered up by the military. And not a single person “in” on the cover-up ever talks.

But who am I to complain. I’m watching it. And Daredevil has dropped.

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Since Tony McFadden left Canada two decades ago he and his wife and two children have lived in the US Virgin Islands, various American cities (LA, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Fairfax), Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and now, finally (and for good), Australia. All of those places and people have provided a wealth of characters and settings for his books, all filled with thrills, suspense and adventure.

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