Mac D, living on NSW’s Central Coast, somewhere north of Gosford and South of Lake Macquarie, running his one-man Private Investigation services out of a small shop upstairs from a TAB. He makes ends meet, barely. He’s a former cop, resigning from the force due to circumstances that may be more fully revealed in a future book.

But for now, there are three to choose from:

In “Mac D: Private Investigator”, Mac Is hired to cover for a Security Guard at the local bank when the young man calls in sick. Before he knows what’s going on, the young man is dead, $4,000,000 is missing from the bank and he’s the prime suspect for both cases.

Not only does he need to solve the robbery and the murder, he needs to do that while keeping a step (or three) ahead of his former colleagues.

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Four months after the gripping conclusion of the first Mac D mystery finds Mac suffering in the hot, hot summer heat. In “A Step Too Far”, old friends and enemies show up, and one of his friends is accused of murdering one of his enemies. Falsely accused, of course, or Mac would have nothing to do.

But the deeper he digs, the more he pisses off the wrong people. And those people don’t want him to uncover the truth.

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It’s winter on the Central Coast. No snow, but lots of cold rainy weather. Not the kind of weather you’d normally associate with Australia.

In “Hunter / Prey” Mac is getting by, barely, with missing persons cases and ad hoc security jobs when the case of his career crosses his desk. The wife of a prominent politician has been kidnapped, and he’s been put on the team tasked to find her. The stakes are high, as is the pay, and Mac is under no illusion about the high risks involved.

The case is progressing well until the shit hits the fan and he ends up in the middle of a war he doesn’t think he can win.

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About the author: tonymcfadden

Since Tony McFadden left Canada two decades ago he and his wife and two children have lived in the US Virgin Islands, various American cities (LA, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Fairfax), Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and now, finally (and for good), Australia. All of those places and people have provided a wealth of characters and settings for his books, all filled with thrills, suspense and adventure.

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