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When one sits at the beginning of a new year, one tends to reflect. I tend to reflect light off my head (because I have no hair and I moisturise my scalp). As I writer, I tend to reflect on writerly things, like:

  • Where did 2018 go? I know it’s around here somewhere. I saw it about a week ago, but now it’s gone.
  • What writing did I do in 2018 that I would be proud of? Should I be proud of anything I wrote in 2018? (Spoiler, alert, I should be – there was some good stuff. There was also stuff that should be consigned to a compost heap and pissed on before igniting thermite over it and eradicating it from the universe.)
  • Is there something I started in 2018 I should be finishing in 2019? Seriously, is there? I can’t remember. It would be something with words in it that doesn’t look quite finished yet. There might be more than one things.
  • Do I have targets for 2019 that are attainable? Almost attainable? No hope in hell of being attainable? Good. There should be a couple of things in each category.
  • Are there events in 2019 that I should attend that are like events in 2018 I should have attended but found a lame reason not to?
  • Are there network opportunities in 2019 that I will find lame excuses to avoid?
  • Has my drinking increased over the past year? If not, why not?
  • When will I be able to sleep a full night’s sleep again?

January has a fresh chill to it, biting cold if the wind picks up, which has me wondering why I’m bathed in sweat, 26 degrees C at 10:30 at night. And then I remember that I’m in Australia and January is hot and nothing is normal here.

If you write, I sincerely hope 2019 is the year you break through to a new level. If you read, I hope you read some of my stuff. It’s not that bed. Really.

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Since Tony McFadden left Canada two decades ago he and his wife and two children have lived in the US Virgin Islands, various American cities (LA, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Fairfax), Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and now, finally (and for good), Australia. All of those places and people have provided a wealth of characters and settings for his books, all filled with thrills, suspense and adventure.

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