I’m helping you participate in the Read an E-Book week by severely reducing the prices on all of my books, reducing some of them to free.  At the stroke of midnight, March 6th (Pacific time) the following prices come into effect:

Matt’s War  FREE (usually $2.99)

Book ‘Em – An Eamonn Shute Mystery  FREE (usually $2.99)

G’Day L.A. FREE (usually $2.99)

Family Matters $1.00 (usually $3.99)

G’Day USA $1.00 (usually $3.99)

Daly Battles: The Fall of Pyongyang $1.00 (usually $3.99)

Unprotected Sax $1.00 (usually $3.99)

Have Wormhole, Will Travel $1.25 (usually $4.99)

Target: Australia $1.25 (usually $4.99)

Killing Time $1.00 (usually $3.99)

This sale is only a week old, so set your alarm and get them while you can.