The Murder of Jeremy Brookes

McGinnis Investigations has been operating a small but successful shop in Campbelltown, an hour south of Sydney, Australia for over a decade. Business has been what you’d expect in a sort of rough town in a sort of rough country, with an ever increasing circle of rough and tumble clients spreading the word that Dan McGinnis’ team could get the job done, but only above board. Nothing shady, nothing illegal, frequently successful and frequently just skirting the line .

But nothing could prepare Dan McGinnis for the depths he would plumb when a wealthy Sydney surgeon visits his office and asks him to investigate her husband’s murder. Her husband, Jeremy Brookes, was legal counsel for the owner of a right-wing media empire. The police say he was killed during a mugging gone bad.

She thinks it was a hit.

Crossing powerful media types, the real killer and two other cases that seem to be connected drags Dan and his team into the darker side of Australian politics, money and corruption.

“This is a well-written book with complicated and interesting characters…” – Amazon 4-star review

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