Hello, 2020

About a decade ago (very late 2009, early 2010) I started tearing apart the first draft of my first book, restructuring it into something more resembling a three-act structure. That September (2010), I put it up on Smashwords (and KDP about six months later) and I was “published”.

That book — Matt’s War — is still a favourite of mine. I worked on it for years, afraid to finish it, thinking it was crap. It might be, for all I know. Writers (and painters and composers and other people who create arty things) are notoriously blind to their capabilities.

But it’s still a favourite.

And it generated a couple of sequels that I’m equally happy with. Over the past decade I’ve popped out fourteen books, half a dozen screenplays. And I’m working on number fifteen. Well over a million words. Some of them pretty good.

But I think that will be the last book for a couple of years. I’ve got to spend some time getting my million words in front of a lot more eyes.

Like everyone else, the decade has had its ups and downs. More ups than downs. All in all, as a writer, I’m happy with it. I haven’t sold enough books to classify as much more than a hobby, but I’ve gotten much better at it, and I’ve met, virtually and in real life, many very good writer friends.

The current (and last for a bit) book, for now called “Number Fifteen” will be out sometime in mid-2020. Maybe I’ll time it for September, to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the release of the first one.

But over the next eighteen to twenty-four months you should see a lot more of me, if I do it right.

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