I’m Frustrated and Annoyed

That’s not news. I’m always frustrated and annoyed. It’s the reason I get up in the morning.

But I’m at least 50% more frustrated and 65% more annoyed over the past couple of weeks.

We are, as you may have noticed, living through a pandemic. And by *we* I mean every fucking one of us, even those numpties insisting it’s a hoax, or overblown by the lefty media or whatevers.

Some so-called leaders with a healthy dose of magic thinking believe we’ll be all right (as long as we remain Australian, so if we all take Jamaican citizenship we all die?). And it is magic thinking. There have been over a dozen countries demonstrating what exponential growth looks like, for both new COVID-19 cases and deaths. Weeks worth of data.

The growth rate in Australia is so predictable that I’ve been less than 5% off over the past week predicting the new daily numbers. And I’m not an epidemiologist or an advisor to anything like that. It’s BLINDINGLY obvious. At the rate were adding cases to the pile, there will around 7000 cases by the end of the month and between 70 and 100 deaths.

And we’re still faffing around.


Wash your hands, stop licking perfect strangers and make sure you have a plastic bag over your head before you sneeze.

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