Working From Home $ale

[EDIT: Sale is over. Thanks for your participation.]

I don’t want this to come across like a money grab, exploiting the covid-19 pandemic for personal gain.

And it really isn’t, because I’ll get a paltry $0.35 (or less) per book sold.

But I recognise that there may be a couple of months of “stuck at homedness” sweeping across the world and I want everyone, regardless their financial situation, to have something of mine to read.

And yes, clearly, I’m hooking my stars to a miniscule RNA clump trying to rid Earth of anyone over the age of 30.

Something about my books:

  • There is no apparent moral to my story more complex than “don’t fuck with the underdog”.
  • My main characters go through as much of an emotional arc as John McClane does in Die Hard.
  • The good guys (gender neutral) always win.
  • I don’t write weak women. Some books have them as secondary characters, some as main characters, but in all cases they can kick your ass and outwit you without breaking a sweat
  • Some of my characters swear. A lot. Like a whole lot. Skip the books if that bothers you.
  • There is a lot of dark humour.
  • I tend to lean slightly left of centre on the political spectrum (though the Overton window is sliding further left than I expected to see in my lifetime). But only slightly.

If that list doesn’t scare you away, I’ve just reduced the price on all my books — all 14 of them, to $0.99 (in the US market). International prices may vary, but they are low. I’m not looking to make bank on this. I just want to entertain some people.

The prices stay that way until the WHO releases an official statement declaring the end of the pandemic. Then they go back up.

I make pennies per sale, so all I really ask in return is that you leave a review. I don’t care if it’s 1-star or 5-star or anywhere in between. Reviews help visibility, getting more eyes on my work.

So enjoy (hopefully) and let me know what you think in your reviews.

My books are here.

Now go wash your filthy hands.

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