So, This Working From Home Thing…

Two weeks into the WFH scheme (the company I work for made it a “strong suggestion” two weeks ago and “mandatory” this past week) and a few things are becoming apparent. Other than the fact we are all going to be well over our goal weights when this is over.

Some of my observations surprised even myself.

  • First, I miss going to the office. Sort of. I don’t miss the commute. I do miss the camaraderie. I keep in regular contact sideways and upward in my immediate management structure and have daily interactions with my team, but there are people I only see in the office who I haven’t conversed with in over a fortnight. And I miss them.
  • My team set up a daily coffee break (video if you’re up to it) where we talk about non-work shit, bitch about the current state of affairs and, more often than not, the team’s younger kids take over the video chat. It’s delightful. If you manage a team, it’s essential that you do this.
  • I really don’t know how parents with young children manage. Half of my team has one or more pre-teens and they (the team) know that the rest of us will adapt our schedules if need be. We’re in this for the long haul.
  • I had to carve a space out of my permanently messy garage to use as a home office. Even though there’s space in the house for one. I needed to have a place to demarc where my family can bug me and where they can bug off.
  • There is a real danger of keeping on working into the night. “Just one more thing”-itis. Make sure you close the laptop and have some dinner, watch a movie, connect with your cellmates family, and if there’s still something left to do, do it then.
  • I really enjoy the new commute — fifteen steps from the kitchen to the desk in the garage.

This will end, sometime, and the world after this once in a century (oh, please let this be once in a century, at least) will be different. Not sure what all the differences will be (I’d be really, really rich in five years if I could figure that out), but we all will be closer, if we don’t kill each other first.

Be cool. Wash your ugly hands. Stay the fuck home.

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