2020 is the first year I haven’t released at least one book in a decade. Matt’s War, my first, came out in September, 2010. My most recent, The Murder of Jeremy Brookes , came out over a year ago, April, 2019.

But 2020 can take a flying fuck at the moon.

Bushfires (actual start date, December 2019) through to February 2020. A couple weeks of holy crap rain and floods (good news, the fires went out!), then pandemic for EVERYONE.

YOU get a pandemic. and YOU get a pandemic. EVRYBODY gets a pandemic.

Layer that with a hearty “screw democracy” icing and 2020 is a year at least three decades old and will need its own special volume(s) in the history section of the library.

But there is a light, and I have it on fairly good authority it’s not a train.

Not in the US of A, of course. There are enough people in that country who think wearing masks is an infringement of some constitutional right (Amendment 2a — the right to bare lips) that the number of daily cases and deaths is stratospheric.

And rising.

But there are vaccines. They seem to be very effective. There’s no evidence, so far, that they’ll turn us all into zombies.

And, violating my “no politics on this blog” rule, again, Trump will be indicted in the first quarter of the next calendar year.

Fingers crossed.

2020 has not been conducive for writing. The noise in my brain was extremely difficult to tame and my inner demons ate my inner child.

I was about half way through book number fifteen (with a tentative title “Number Fifteen” — it made sense. Trust me.) but it was getting dark. Really, really dark. It was the same characters as the Jeremy Brookes offering (same good guys, different bad guys), characters I really enjoy, but I couldn’t keep writing it.

It involved sex trafficking girls from South East Asia into Australia and rotten auctions and slimy rich people and… I’ll get back to that story next year (it will be book sixteen, and I may change the title to reflect that because I can).

I’ve started a new one. I’m going to pretend it’s going to be released in 2020, although it will be April 2021. One Two years after Jeremy Brookes. It’s lighter. Only one murder. No sex trafficking. Australian Aboriginal Art scene. Electric cars. Immigrant billionaires. All the necessary ingredients for a light-hearted murder mystery. I don’t know the title yet.

Coming April 2020 (Okay. 2021.)

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