Stockholm Gym Syndrome

If you don’t know what Stockholm Syndrome is, it’s defined as “…when hostages bond with their captors .With this syndrome, hostages may come to sympathize with their captives.”

So, yeah. I’m starting to enjoy this.

Wednesday and Sundays.

Wednesdays are lower body (essentially your legs).

Sunday’s are upper.

I love leg days because it means the next session isn’t legs.

This (below) was last Sunday’s workout. And while I complained vociferously at first, I’m beginning to “sympathise with my captor”.

Linda and Amy are doing great, getting stronger and fitter. They don’t complain half as much as I do.

But if I get even the slightest inkling my son is trying to do me in, he’s out of my will.

Again, this is the torture chamber gym he built.

Okay, need my rest. It’s upper body tomorrow. (My theory is that if I make my shoulders wide enough, people won’t notice my gut.)

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