The Matt Daly Adventures

Matt’s War

All Matt wanted to do was build his telecommunications consulting business in Asia-Pacific – until he interrupted a hijacking on a flight out of Singapore.

Now other people have plans for him, and his life will never be the same.

Hundreds of lives depend on Matt’s actions in this international thriller spanning Malaysia to Australia, and north to Taiwan.

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Daly Battles: The Fall of PyongYang

The times they are a-changing.

Despots the world over are falling at the hands of their people, armed with determination, desperation and social media.

Matt Daly and his friend and business partner George Sahin are in Pyongyang, the capital of the isolated and secretive North Korea. They are one of the first Western companies allowed in, hired by its young leader, Kim Jong-un, to modernise and expand the local mobile phone network.

Then a Twitter-fed revolution and a military uprising puts them in a very sticky situation.

But that’s the least of their problems.

Old enemies pop up and Matt and George have to race against time to prevent a hell Asia hasn’t seen in almost seventy years.

It’s all fun and games until you piss off the Supreme Commander.

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Target: Australia

Matt and George, and their respective partners, decided Australia would be a nice place to relax after the hell that was North Korea. Unfortunately, Australia wasn’t so accommodating.

A chance opportunity to pick up a couple of bucks consulting for a local wireless operator draws Matt and George, and Catherine, into a web of terror that stretches from Sydney to Darwin. Now they have to fight for their lives, and the lives of thousands of others as the clock ticks down.

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