Have Wormhole, Will Travel

Vampires? No Such Thing.

Aliens, though, that’s something else.

They’ve been here, living quietly among us, since before the Industrial Revolution.

Their goal: To ensure we never leave our Solar System. We have a bad habit of wiping out indigenous populations, and theirs is the nearest inhabited planet to ours.

So when a scientist at Sydney University harnesses the power of wormholes, making interstellar travel a virtual walk in the park, one of these tall, pale-skinned aliens, Callum, is forced to choose: destroy us, or help us survive the inevitable Armageddon.
8 billion Earthlings, and our survival is in the hands of one guy – alien – meant to wipe us out.

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Killing Time

Detective Debra Collins finished off her career on a high, bringing in a pedophile before he killed his thirteenth victim. With only a couple of months to go until retirement, her captain tasked her with closing out a few cold cases.

It’s never that easy, though. One of the cases has markers extremely similar to a murder a colleague (hunky Detective Hastings) has caught.

A bit more digging and Collins finds half a dozen more cold cases, all linked with similar wounds and victimology. Every one of them was a felon released on a technicality after a slam-dunk, by-the-book arrest.

While the task force works the serial case, Collins learns that the pedophile has been released on prosecutorial screw-ups. A few days later he’s shot dead behind a pool hall, with all the marking of another serial victim.

Now the serial case is personal and she’s involved.

How did a serial killer survive, right under the cops’ noses, for over thirty years?

Who’s the secretive person from her future?

Who killed the pedophile?

How are these cases related to Collins, and why is she now the target of the investigation?

How does Time Travel really work, and what does it have to do with the killings?


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