Eamonnfront_v8“Eamonn Shute” was a character name I came up with twenty years ago. I wrote a few short stories with Eamonn, a lottery-winning Irishman who emigrated to Miami to escape the cold and rain. This book was the second one I wrote and took a short story and expanded it to a full novel. If you’re curious, the short story was the bulk of the first half of Act Two of this novel.

Mayhem, murder, and a $4,000,000 book.

In Miami.

Eamonn Shute is smart, capable and larger than life. There is nothing he can’t handle.

Until Nicky, the love of his life, is framed by her ex-husband.

Eamonn needs to hark back to his rough and tumble youth in Donegal, taking on some of the most dangerous people in Miami to clear Nicky’s name.

The protagonist, Eamon Shute, is one of those larger than life heroes who is entertaining and seems to figure in stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. McFadden’s hero combines street smarts and the ability to defend himself, leftover from his upbringing as a poor Irish lad, with an innate intelligence and a sensitive, loyal side. Combine that with his financial situation, a windfall from the Irish lottery, and Shute is a package that should appeal to most women. – Amazon Review

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