Cover4FamilyMatters400x600Some of the characters in “Book ‘Em” stuck with me. “Family Matters” takes place in the same universe as “Book ‘Em”, with Eamonn in a minor role and the cops and baddies (and some new cops and baddies) in the primary roles. Lots of crime, double-crossing and family angst in this one.

Miami PD Homicide Detective Dan MacCready has two dead bodies, four pissed off and slightly crazy mobsters, a sofa-surfing brother and a green-horn FBI agent to babysit.

Some of them want to kill him too. Life’s just peachy.

“This stereotyping of Russians as mobsters must end now!” ~ Vladimir Putin

“It wasn’t this fun when *we* were on the beat.” ~ Crockett and Tubbs

“This is a South Florida I think I’d enjoy.” ~ E. Hemingway

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