HWWT1b400x600This was fun to write. Set in Australia — Manly to be specific (for the most part) — and a twist on the origin story of vampires (mostly because I’ll do anything to debunk vampires). Location research was a snap (the writing group I’m proud to be a part of meets regularly in Manly) and I got to tell the world about the place.

Vampires? No Such Thing.

Aliens, though, that’s something else.

They’ve been here, living quietly among us, since before the Industrial Revolution.

Their goal: To ensure we never leave our Solar System. We have a bad habit of wiping out indigenous populations, and theirs is the nearest inhabited planet to ours.

So when a scientist at Sydney University harnesses the power of wormholes, making interstellar travel a virtual walk in the park, one of these tall, pale-skinned aliens — Callum — is forced to choose: destroy us, or help us survive the inevitable Armageddon.
8 billion Earthlings, and our survival is in the hands of one guy – alien – meant to wipe us out.

If you enjoy sci fi you are likely to enjoy this book, even though it is set largely upon earth. There is also a hint of romance thrown in, and throughout the book there is plenty of humour sprinkled around. Fast paced, and enjoyable, this book will keep you entertained from beginning to end. I offer a resounding 5 stars for Have Wormhole, Will Travel.

No sequel planned, but who knows? If the muse cooperates, maybe…

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