usax6a.400x600pngThis was a “title first” book. My teen son and I were screwing around with jokes and puns, as you do, and he blurted out “Unprotected Sax”. Great title, right? Over the weekend he and I came up with the main character (ex-Army Ranger trying to chill in a friend’s Jazz band), plotted the story (more of the mobsters from “Book ‘Em” and “Family Matters”) and I wrote the first draft in a period of just over thirty days. One of my funnest writes.

(I cheated a bit in the character development area by using some of the baddies and some of the cops from both “Book ‘Em” and “Family Matters”. This story lives in that same universe.)

John Delacourte, aka JD, Johnny D, The Sax Machine (and a couple of other less choice nicknames), is trying very hard to relax. Six months retired from getting shot at in the Army Rangers he lands a gig in an old friend’s jazz band, reconnecting with his saxophone.

Then the old friend goes missing, the cops don’t care and the Russian mob is all over his ass.

Miami in August was always hot.

It just got hotter. 

Mr McFadden writes vibrant and gritty characters and excellent dialogue, very pithy and realistic, and he weaves an enjoyable tale of interrelated events. – Amazon Review

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