Dead Tomorrow

Nick Harding has a new case. A man who used to be one of his targets when he sat in a seat in the Australian Federal Police tracking money launderers has “hired” him to find his daughter.

Not “hired” so much as “kidnapped”. He’ll be free to leave once the daughter-father reunion happens.

The daughter has no interest in meeting her father. She’s only in town to disburse three-year-old ill-gotten gains. Ten million of them. (Click the link and read the free short, an unofficial prequel to Dead Tomorrow.)

And if the father was honest, it’s those ill-gotten gains he really wants to meet up with.

Unfortunately for the daughter, the father, and Nick and his colleagues, the previous owner of those ill-gotten gains is working harder to find her than Nick is.

The good guy always wins. Nick isn’t sure who that is this time.

Early review:

I need more of this series. I’m going to see if there are anymore. I love Nick & Davie. They are so fun to read. It’s never boring with those two for sure lol. It’s such an adventure filled book and I can’t wait to see what else they are going to get into!

5-star Amazon review

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