Have Wormhole, Will Travel

Originally published October, 2013

Vampires? No Such Thing.

Aliens, though, that’s something else.

They’ve been here, living quietly among us, since before the Industrial Revolution.

Their goal: To ensure we never leave our Solar System. We have a bad habit of wiping out indigenous populations, and theirs is the nearest inhabited planet to ours.

So when a scientist at Sydney University harnesses the power of wormholes, making interstellar travel a virtual walk in the park, one of these tall, pale-skinned aliens, Callum, is forced to choose: destroy us, or help us survive the inevitable Armageddon.

8 billion Earthlings, and our survival is in the hands of one guy – alien – meant to wipe us out.

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This book has a bit of everything: sci fi, cross species romance, and drama in a race against time to save the Earth. The bits of science interspersed within the fiction are wholly believable (at least to a layman such as myself) and add to the fun and enjoyment of the story as a whole. It is realistic and funny and exciting all at once. I had a movie playing in my head as I read this book, which means that the author managed to hit the balance just right between describing and leaving it up to my imagination. *****
McFadden has written a very real story despite the introduction of aliens and advanced physics. The pure imagination involved to construct the plot is breath-taking. Each of the characters is a delight to know, and the action is very believable. The book has just the right amount of detail to create good images in the reader's mind without causing confusion. While the story is straightforward, the reflections on what it means to be human stimulates some deep thought. I highly recommend the book. *****