ThrillCraft: Story Structure

For the past twelve years, I’ve been honing my writing skills, publishing (at the date of this publication) one non-fiction book — this one — and eighteen novels.

I write mostly crime fiction. There are a couple of sci-fi books in the mix, but the overall gist is crime.

  • Private Investigators in Australia.
  • Telecommunications Engineers in far-flung parts of the world sticking their noses where they shouldn’t.
  • A millionaire Irishman solving mob-related crimes in South Florida.
  • A young Australian actress trying her damnedest to make a living in La-La-Land.

When I started out, I knew nothing about CREATING a story. I’d read thousands by then. Some were great, some were awful, most were just good.

But I learned.

I’ve written eighteen books over the past dozen years. They all “follow” the structure laid out in this book. These guidelines keep your story pacy and on point. My goal, when writing a story, is to have the reader start at point A, finish at a completely unrelated point Z, wonder how in the hell they got there, yet at no point in that journey get pulled out of the story.

My readers seem to think I’m getting the hang of things:

  • “This is a fast read, interesting plot.”Book ‘Em review.
  • “Very action-packed, on the edge of your seat story.”Broken review
  • “It was so fast-paced that sometimes I couldn’t tell if the story advanced by one day, one week or one month. But it was really entertaining and definitely a page-turner.”Broken review
  • “This is a short, fast read, …with lots of action, a few twists and turns, and several suspects to follow.” Batteries Not Included review.
  • “It’s action-packed from start to finish with a twist or two to keep the reader engaged”Number Fifteen review.
  • “As the case progresses, the plot gets more and more twisted, involving double cross, revenge, and manipulation. A fast read that’s pretty much all on the surface like an action/adventure.”The Murder of Jeremy Brookes review.

And dozens more.

Making sure you hit the beats described in this book can ensure your story doesn’t lag, and your readers don’t toss your book on the DNF pile and reach for someone else’s.

Coming July 15th, with preorders available on Amazon now.