Unprotected Sax

Originally published December, 2012

Playing sax in his friend’s jazz band was supposed to be relaxing.

Then his friend disappeared.

Johnny Delacourte (aka Johnny D The Sax Machine) left the Army Rangers and the battlefields of Afghanistan six months ago.

Then the friend disappears, the cops don’t seem to care and the Russian mob is all over his ass.

My son gets author credit for this book. He came up with the title (the first book I’ve written entirely based on the title) and, over a weekend, helped me lay out the plot.

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Mr McFadden writes vibrant and gritty characters and excellent dialogue, very pithy and realistic, and he weaves an enjoyable tale of interrelated events. The plot is well structured and more complex than it first appears, with subsidiary mysteries around some of the characters. The pacing is good with nothing extraneous and plenty of reason to keep turning the pages. The quirks of the characters meant that it was hard to predict exactly what would happen next. All in all, a very satisfying read that builds to an exciting conclusion.