Dead Tomorrow (May 2023)

Nick Harding has a new case. A man who used to be one of his targets when he sat in a seat in the Australian Federal Police tracking money launderers has “hired” him to find his daughter.

Not “hired” so much as “kidnapped”. He’ll be free to leave once the daughter-father reunion happens.

The daughter has no interest in meeting her father. She’s only in town to disburse ten-year-old ill-gotten gains. Ten million of them. (Click the link and read the free short, an unofficial prequel to Dead Tomorrow.)

And if the father was honest, it’s those ill-gotten gains he really wants to meet up with.

Unfortunately for the daughter, the father, and Nick and his colleagues, the previous owner of those ill-gotten gains is working harder to find her than Nick is.

The good guy always wins. Nick isn’t sure who that is this time.

Coming to all good and mediocre bookstores on May 1, 2023