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I had a lovely talk this morning with Ania at the Campbelltown library. They are going to host an Author Talk, featuring, me. Date and time to be determined, but we’re looking at the October / November time frame.

The biggest challenge I have as a writer is getting visibility. I have 18 books to choose from, but (and I did the math) 99.999975% of the world’s population has no idea I write. My goal over the next twelve months is to lower that to 99.9975% (or better).

This will be my first library hosted Author Talk. I have a general idea of content, but I’d like to hear from readers.

What would you like to hear from an author at an Author Talk?

Let me know below.

In the meantime, here’s me talking about my books, and writing.

2 thoughts on “Author Talk

  1. Hi Tony my name is Fraser David and I’m just starting on the road to complete my first novel. As you know it is a long long long, did I say long process from prologue to epilogue. I needed a different Scrivener template and eventually found your’s. I’m about to start the daunting journey using Scrivener and hope that your template helps me more that the rest have. I’ll attempt to keep you posted as to my progress. I’ve used Kindlepreneur and Reedsy amongst other sites to bring my novel together and enjoyed your take on structure. It’s useless to have a story in your mind that doesn’t pan out then you find great blogs such as your own that give an experienced authors insight that helps me as a novice writer. Thanks.

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