Ten Million

November will be the tenth anniversary of the release of “Unprotected Sax“, one of the ‘Miami Mob’ books.

Playing sax in his friend’s jazz band was supposed to be relaxing.

Then his friend disappeared.

Johnny Delacourte (aka Johnny D The Sax Machine) left the Army Rangers and the battlefields of Afghanistan six months ago.

Then the friend disappears, the cops don’t seem to care, and the Russian mob is all over his ass.

One of the antagonists — the primary antagonist, is a Russian mobster named Vladimir Petrovski. The story doesn’t end well for him. No spoilers, but it was not good.

Early 2023 will see the release of my third Nick Harding case. Tentatively, it’s called “Dead Tomorrow”. (Don’t bank on that title staying. I have a bad habit of changing the title at the last minute.) Petrovski ends up being the big bad in this book, also.

In November, on or about the anniversary date of Unprotected Sax, I’m going to release a 10,000-word short called “Ten Million”. It started as an exercise to build a backstory for “Dead Tomorrow”, but it’s a pretty good yarn, bridging the decade between then and now.

It’ll be a free short story. It’s not a necessary read for “Dead Tomorrow”, but it might help. If you’ve already purchased “Unprotected Sax” as an e-book, this short will be included as an epilogue of sorts. Set your reading device up for automatic updates. IT’ll show up sometime in late November. And if that doesn’t work, it’ll be available as a free download on this site, and on all popular and unpopular ebook sites.

Except for Amazon. Unless someone can tell me how to make a book free on Amazon.

Stay tuned!

Broken. Coming June.

There’s a new Nick Harding case. Actually, two of them for the price of one.

A very rich old dude is about to kick off and is desperate to make amends with his estranged son. Nick is contacted by the old guy’s lawyer with a task: Find the son, convince him to get in contact with his father, and help mediate the relationship. Nick hates mediating.

That same day a friend of a friend engages him to track down a serial deadbeat who has bilked a small financial services company out of millions of dollars. The fee is lower, but the job is more up Nick’s alley, what with his background in the Financial Crimes unit of the Australian Financial Police.

Then the heir’s life is threatened, the deadbeat has a compelling backstory and everything Nick thought he knew was wrong.

Paperback and eBook formats will be available on June 1.

ARCs will be available early May on Netgalley, so keep an eye out there if you want a *free early version.

(*financially free, but I’d love a pre-release review.)

Scrivener Template

Super-duper quick post. I do have a scrivener template I use. Two of them, actually. But the many sites out there linking to it are linking to an old defunct post.

I’ll add it back to my site shortly and let the linking sites know the new address.


This isn’t an advertisement for Netgalley, but it sure is going to sound like one.

I have a publisher’s account at Netgalley. I give them a fair bit of money, and they present my book for review by readers, booksellers, libraries, and the like.

You can join for free, as a reader, if you’d like. Gives you access to literally hundreds of titles, many of them pre-publications, for you to download and read.

There is a catch. We (the publishers / authors) need your reviews.

Something many people don’t realise is that while an author may wince at a “bad” review — that is, a review written by someone who didn’t like the book, for whatever reason — ANY review is better than no review. Reviews trigger the algorithm to boost the book up the charts a bit. Which gets the title in front of more eyes.

If you’re already a member of Netgalley, click on the book cover images on the right hand panel and you’ll be taken to their respective Netgalley pages.

If you’re not a member, by all means, join, and then click on the book cover images on the right hand panel and you’ll be taken to their respective pages ay Netgalley.

And please leave a review at Amazon, KOBO and anywhere else you can find the title.